I can’t believe it’s already March! Time is flying! March is set aside to honor women’s contributions in American history. This year’s theme is “Celebrating the Women Who Tell Stories.” I hope you will take a moment to celebrate the women in your life, hear stories of women who have overcome adversity, and learn from the women who achieved their dreams and are making our world a better place.

As we study these inspiring stories, ask yourself: What story will I be remembered for? What story will my children tell about me? What legacy will I leave? What changes can I make so my story will inspire and help others?

In honor of Women’s History Month, I want to share 5 meaningful ways to celebrate the incredible women who have come before us, as well as the amazing women who are making a difference today.

Support Women-Owned Businesses
The number of Women-owned businesses is growing substantially year by year. 9.9 million women-owned businesses are in the United States alone. By shopping at women-owned businesses, we can help to support and empower these women and all the women they employee.

One inspiring example of a woman-owned business is Spanx, founded by Sarah Blakely. As a struggling saleswoman, Blakely was inspired to create a solution to the problem she believed all women needed help with. She eventually created Spanx, a revolutionary line of slimming undergarments that helped women feel confident and beautiful. Despite facing numerous obstacles and rejections, Blakely persisted and ultimately became one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of all time. I admire her for not only her incredible business success, but also for the example of how Happy & Strong she is as a mother, wife and entrepreneur.

Spend Time with the Women in Your Life
Spend meaningful time with the women in your life and thank them for the difference they have made. This could be your mother, sister, grandmother, or even a close friend. Show them that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. By doing so, you not only honor them, but you also strengthen your relationship.

Donate to Women in Need
We can also make a difference by donating our time, money, or resources to help women we may never meet. This could mean volunteering at a women’s shelter or donating to a women’s charity or organization. There are countless women who are facing difficult circumstances right now and are in need of our support and resources.

Mentor the Next Generation
We must never underestimate the power of mentoring and supporting young women. Whether it’s through volunteering as a mentor or simply offering words of encouragement, we can help to empower the next generation of awesome female leaders.

Teach Your Kids About Modern Day Women
Finally, one of the most important ways to honor Women’s History Month is by learning and teaching our children about modern-day kick-butt women. From Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Greta Thunberg to Deepa Narayan, there are countless women who are making a difference in our world today. For me, ladies like Cindy Thawley and Penney Ooi have always been an example and a source of encouragement. By sharing their stories and accomplishments with our children, we can help to inspire the next generation of female leaders and change-makers.

As you begin to celebrate women this month, take a few moments to listen to my story if you haven’t already. It’s so important to share where you came from and the ups and downs of your personal journey. If you’re looking for more kick-butt women to celebrate and learn from, you can also check out the powerful, female entrepreneurs who I mentor speak at a Women in Business event. One of the reasons I love my business is because I get to mentor and raise up successful women who go on to make huge differences in the world and especially within their own families. I’m always looking for women who want to be more and do more with their life, so feel free to share that empowering women’s event link with any rockstar females in your life.

Have an incredible March! Keep leading the way!

Your friend,