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Create your dream life while enjoying the journey


What good would it be if you make millions but end up divorced or your kids won’t talk to you? “No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home.”


Building your business empire isn’t just about scaling and cashflow. It’s also understanding wealth creation and building something that is built to last.


So many overachievers neglect themselves, causing undue stress and illness. A healthy mind and body will make the journey more enjoyable.


Build a lifestyle where you have total control of your time and the freedom to travel the world. Live your dreams and focus on creating memories vs. just getting things done.


Success is nothing if you are still unhappy. Philanthropy, service, faith, leaving a legacy, and personal growth are all part of becoming the best version of yourself.

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Happy & Strong Event

live event TOPICs

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Avoiding burnouts
  • Fitness
  • Time structure
  • Strengthen Family
  • Marriage

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“Most people will never have the chance to meet a Jaime Villalovos. Her level of conviction & her undying resolve to fulfill her life’s purpose & to be happy, is unmatched by most people, and only seen among the remarkable heroes in “history books”. Her story is one fueled with a desire to take care of her family & show them an example of success, which in-of-itself is impressive. She may not have planned this early on, but she has become a hero to many, me especially.”

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“There are not enough pages to express my gratitude and appreciation for the Villalovos family, especially Jaime on how she has shaped, mentored, and guided me in my life in all aspects of wealth (faith, family, mental toughness, values, money and overall financial freedom). She has been a pillar in my life to rely on and build my mental mindset, spiritual faith, personal development, and family life. Jaime is like the Rich Mom version of Rich Dad Poor Dad – but ten times better. If you ever get a chance or opportunity to work with or be mentored by Jaime, treat it like the golden ticket – that one shot, that one opportunity – that will change your life forever. I’m forever and continue to be grateful for the mentorship and leadership from Jaime Villalovos. Thank you.”

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“I have known Jaime Villalovos, an incredible leader, mentor, and coach for 19 years and she is awe inspiring. I never would have made it this long in business without Jaime’s help and belief in me. By watching her, I have learned patience, understanding, and relentless discipline. She has inspired me, in all my breakdowns, financial ups & downs, cancer, devastating disappointments, and in all my breakthroughs. She has led me to strive to become better. I unequivocally value her, believe in her, and most importantly, am grateful for her. So, as you attend Happy & Strong, allow yourself to be captivated, enthralled, and taken away by the power of who you can become with the influence of someone as powerful as ‘The Icon,’ Jaime Villalovos!”

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