Can I be honest? I’m not big on making resolutions on New Year’s Eve. I’m more a fan of the kiss at midnight than proclaiming some random goal that I probably said the year before and never stuck with.

Maybe it’s because I worked at a health club 🏋🏻‍♀️ and saw how quickly the discipline fades. January was always our biggest month. I signed up tons of new members who made big resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. The gym was PACKED…for the first two weeks. Then back to normal. Sound familiar?

What I AM a HUGE fan of is making REAL, lasting changes that have the power to transform your life…So let’s dive into my seven tips that can make this the year that your “resolutions” REALLY stick! New Year, New You! 😉

  1. Find something that EXCITES you! It has to be enough to keep you excited EVERY SINGLE DAY. Have you ever gone on a vacation or had a special event that you were so excited about that it was hard to sleep the night before? What would get you that excited every day this year? What change would keep you up at night? Is it that dream body? Paying off that debt? Getting that promotion? Making BIG $$$? Whatever it is, it has to be important to YOU – NOT what you think other people want to hear.
  2. Determine what you are willing to give in return for what you want this year. Nobody likes this one, I know it sucks… but nothing great will come into your life without sacrifice. So, what time-wasting activities will you stop that don’t serve you? To make time to hit your goals this year, you need to clear a space for the new activities necessary to get the results you want.

    TIP: Track each day for a week and log EVERYTHING you do, including driving, social media, etc. Then find your biggest time wasters and cut those out.

  3. Replace the time-wasters (AKA binging Netflix) with activities that serve you and get you closer to your goal. These activities HAVE TO BE SCHEDULED DAILY.
  4. If your goal is physical, you have to schedule daily exercise. If your goal is for business, maybe you scheduled daily time to make phone calls. No matter what it is, you probably know the activities it takes to get your desired results, but also know that you’ve been avoiding doing them because they’re uncomfortable.
  5. Have an accountability partner and/or a supportive person to help encourage you to follow through. This can be a friend, mentor or a group that you join. This doesn’t mean that it’s up to them to keep you motivated or to call you every day to keep you on track. That’s your responsibility. I am accountable to my personal trainer twice per week to make sure my fitness goals are being accomplished. Without him, I wouldn’t do it well enough on my own.
  6. Re-evaluate AT LEAST every quarter. Look at what worked, what didn’t. What you’re still excited about and not so excited about. What bad habits you slipped back into, and which good habits stuck. Then tweak and re-commit.
  7. Of course, consistency is the key. The ONLY way for ANY resolution to stick is to be consistent. Now, the only thing to do is… TAKE ACTION! Why even wait for the beginning of the year? Don’t wait for the timing to be perfect. Let’s start IMMEDIATELY! If you’re doing it right, you should find yourself more excited, uncomfortable and frustrated than normal. You’ll want to quit, but you won’t because it’s TOO IMPORTANT not to! When you have those feelings, remember reading this and me telling you that you’re on track!

I’m excited to see your progress! Let me know where you stand in 90 days. Tell me what worked and what didn’t, and why. If you’re tracking your progress, snap a photo and send it to me. Then start the next quarter of lasting change. I’m grateful to be part of this journey with you! Let’s have some fun in 2023.

P.S. If you really want to kick off 2023 strong, not get distracted so easily and finally accomplish all those goals this year, click here to take my course called “Streamline Your Life In 7 Days.” It’s a game changer!

Happy New Year and Happy New YOU!